Online banner campaigns

Online banner campaigns

Advertising in contextual ad networks: text, image, animated, and video.

If you need a quick and dynamic advertising campaign, this solution is perfect for you. Advertising campaigns (e.g. image ads) on web portals, large websites or regular pages allow you to reach thousands or even millions of users in a short period of time.

They are a great addition to search engine advertising, social media activities, and e-mail marketing, for example. This kind of synergy helps achieve better results and, after all, effectiveness is what matters.

A quick campaign for your organization

A campaign in 48 hours? No problem! How about 24 hours? That can be done as well! Contact us to learn more about the way we work.

Millions and millions of ad impressions

Looking for a quick way to display your ads 5, 10 or even 20 million times? If you want to improve your organization’s image, a banner campaign is what you need.

A fully flexible strategy

We can target advertising by country, region and city or more spontaneously by the topic of the sites where your ads are displayed. There is a number of ad targeting methods; e-mail or call us to learn about them all.

Tailored advertising campaigns

Each advertising campaign is an individual project. It can be a long-term solution for building and improving your organization’s image or a quick and dynamic way of promoting your product/service.


Online advertising campaign for your organization

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