Google Analytics

Google Analytics

An underrated tool that provides insight.

Our clients’ statistics is something we deal with every day. We verify the completion of their goals, analyze their website traffic and optimize our marketing activities depending on their online customers’ behavior. This helps make our marketing activities complete.

If you’re not familiar with the following notions, it’s time to contact us and change your advertising campaign strategy by adding the crucial element of web analytics.

  • traffic breakdown: desktop vs. mobile
  • conversion path analysis
  • reports on website strengths and weakness
  • tracking user behavior across the website, including subpages

Only reliable reports generated in fixed time cycles help achieve transparency in advertising efforts. In other words, you will never know how much you gain or lose from specific online advertising campaigns, if you don’t keep an eye on your statistics. Google Analytics is knowledge and knowledge is advantage; advantage over your competition.


increase in sales volume


increase in website traffic


time we spent on analyses


improved mobile traffic

Google Analytics - raport

Having trouble with sales? Your return on investment is not how you imagined? Find out WHY! We’ll assist you in analyzing all the data and drawing conclusions.

Czytelne raporty ze statystyk, ustalona częstotliwość ich omawiania i doradztwo w tym zakresie daje efekty. Sięgnij po nie i zyskaj przewagę nad konkurencją, która nie docenia tego narzędzia.

Google Analytics

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