Urządzenia mobilne - marketing internetowy

Mobile marketing.

Every single day there appear new sales channels. Marketing for mobile devices (smartphone) is the leading one.

People constantly migrate towards smartphones leaving the traditional cell phones behind. On average, 16 million Polish web-users spend on-line two hours daily browsing the Internet using their smartphones. One cannot ignore such potential target, especially when our campaigns may be targeted taking into account not only sex or localisation but also personal interests. Tell us about the effect you want to achieve and we shall create a tailor-made strategy for you.

15,9 M

smartphone users in Poland


is the average time spent daily by a smartphone-user browsing the Internet

14 %

of them watch films using their smartphones

9,2 M

million people participate in Social Media using their smartphones

Still not quite sure?

Get acquainted with the advantages that gives the mobile marketing.

Be close to your customers.

Be reachable. Be for the asking.

Accurate targeting

Accurate targeting and a well-specified target group increase the chance of your success.

Texting campaigns

Let you customers know about discounts, service actions or events.

Tell us your goals?

Let us craft an accurate mobile strategy for you.

Tell us about your business. We shall match specific solutions leading to improvement of communication with your customers.

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